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The IMAX film projector is apparently a very complex thing. It weighs just over a ton, and makes use of all sorts of pistons and compressed-air devices and xenon bulbs that can kill a man with quartz crystal accuracy.

In short, it’s not a camera to fuck with. If it were a Transformer– presumably monikered IMAXtron– it would crush you to death and record the whole thing in an incredible resolution of clarity. At least you would achieve some nominal immortality on film.

So, for the first time ever, I ventured forth with a couple of friends to see an IMAX movie, specifically “Spider-Man 3: The IMAX Experience”. I figured it was a good bet to see in mind-boggling high-def, and the complexity of the eye-candy proved me right. From the awesome physics of the whorls of digital sand grains, to the high-powered web-grab-and-punch moves in mid-air melee, I delighted to the detail that might otherwise have been lost.

However, almost exactly 120 minutes in to the 140 minute spandex-clad melodrama, just as the hands of the clock swept past midnight, just as the final climactic battle began to build towards its crescendo, everything went dark.

Despite the plainitive cries of dissatisfaction throughout the theater, IMAXtron refused to show us the last fifteen minutes. Something’s wrong, the employees said, after tracking down the projectionist, and we can’t fix it. Here’s some free movie passes, they said, and urged us on our way.

At the price of IMAX tickets, and after this “experience”, I’m not sure I’ll see one again anytime soon. But I sure would like to see the end of Spider-Man 3, someday.

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