Nissan Versa!

September 27th, 2007

Since finding a healthier, albeit lengthier, route to work, I’ve started biking and taking the MAX three to four times a week, depending mostly on random factors. I had a pretty unpleasant MAX experience yesterday, however– I had to wait for three trains in the morning, and on the ride home a guy was puking water all over the car floor right next to me, which was lovely– so today I decided to be lazy and drive.


It seems that it’s always the case that when I drive, something is there to remind me why I don’t. Usually, the soul-crushing traffic on highway 26 is sufficient. I managed to get up early enough today to ease through a lot of the worse traffic, but that didn’t prevent some jackass in a Nissan Versa from nearly sideswiping me. Twice. At least I got to use my horn the second time.

The Nissan Versa, of course, ingrained into my brain as being the car that Hiro and Ando rent when they come to the U.S., in “Heroes”. Good times.

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