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Theme Mix Saturday – Name Callin’

Sometimes a list is born out of just wanting to listen to more Morphine. So here we are…

Name Artist Album YouTube
1 What’s Your Name Lynyrd Skynyrd Gold & Platinum Yes
2 My Name Is Eminem The Slim Shady LP Yes
3 That’s Not My Name The Ting Tings We Started Nothing Yes
4 Mary Won’t You Call My Name? Morphine Cure For Pain Yes (rockin’ live version)
5 My Black Name A-Ringin’ R.L. Burnside My Black Name A-Ringin’/td>

6 Remember His Name Jurassic 5 Power In Numbers Yes
7 I Call Your Name The Beatles Past Masters Yes
8 B for My Name Beastie Boys The Mix-Up Yes
9 My Name Is Mud Primus Pork Soda Yes
10 Sister, Do You Know My Name? The White Stripes De Stijl Yes
11 You Don’t Know My Name The Kinks Everybody’s In Showbiz Yes
12 I Heard Her Call My Name The Velvet Underground White Light / White Heat Yes
13 She Cries Your Name Beth Orton Trailer Park Yes
14 You Don’t Know My Name Alicia Keys The Diary of Alicia Keys Yes
15 My Name Is Young Young MC Stone Cold Rhymin’ Yes
16 Name Taken Massive Attack 100th Window Yes
17 A Boy Named Sue Johnny Cash At San Quentin Yes

Random Trivia

  • Shel Silverstein wrote “A Boy Named Sue”, but you probably already knew that.
  • YouTube comments finally confirmed today what I thought for years was just me going crazy: “My Name Is Young” uses different samples on the CD and the cassette versions. The linked to version here is the cassette version, which I haven’t heard in years (although I think I still have the tape).

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