Travis Kincher

NetSurant (INX) Managed IP Telephony Services (2007)

This site provided access to a wide variety of reports from Unicenter ServiceDesk, eHealth, Spectrum, Cacti, and NetQoS. Features included comprehensive ServiceDesk search capability and integration, and facile administration.

HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Perl, MySQL, MS SQL Server.

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Cacti data

INX Managed Security Services (2003-2007)

This website was a client portal for a wide variety of managed services, and provided access to a service and device monitor, firewall logs, vulnerability scan results, intrusion detection logs and trends, host-based intrusion prevention logs and trends, RSS security feeds, contact management and preferences, and relevant support documentation.

HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Perl, MySQL, MS SQL Server.


Service Monitor

Vulnerability scan

IDS Statistics

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HIPS Report

INX MSS Quality Control (2006-2007)

This website was developed as an internal tool which is essentially a "smart" cron frontend.

HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL.


QC Status

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QC Check Detail

Cal Poly Pomona Learning Resource Center: Tutor Management Tool (2002)

Designed to allow maximum scheduling efficiency for tutors and their students, allowing tutors to easily enter their subjects and availability while providing students an quick method for finding an available tutor and scheduling an appointment.



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Inklusions Rubber Stamps (1996-2000)

This site was the web presence of rubber stamp retailer Inklusions, who specialized in a variety of psychology- and conspiracy-based stamps. The biggest challenge here was in bringing over 60 pages of print images over to the web while retaining the image integrity.

HTML, Photoshop.


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